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Honor Earth Day and Volunteer at these Locations near Gallatin TN

We only have one planet. Every year since 1970, we come together on April 22nd to celebrate it. Earth Day has become a global call for environmental awareness and action.

If you’re looking to get involved in Gallatin, TN, check out these places to volunteer and honor Earth Day.

Begin Anew

Begin Anew is a faith-based program that offers educational services to men and women between the ages of 18 and 56 whose income meets the federal guidelines for poverty. Their mission is to provide education, resources, and mentoring to people struggling with poverty.

They offer three curriculum tracks for students:

  • High School equivalency test preparation
  • Computer and job skills
  • Life skill English

Each class is led by volunteers and, thanks to small classes of only 8 to 10 students, every student is matched with a mentor to provide support and accountability. Begin Anew is affiliated and certified by Christian Women’s Job Corps (CWJC) and Christian Men’s Job Corps (CMJC) and has a staff of over 250 volunteers. You can volunteer to help a student as tutor, teacher, mentor, childcare worker, and more.

Follow them on Facebook or visit one of their five locations near Gallatin, TN.

Cumberland River Compact

Water is crucial to all life. If you’re passionate about clean water, the Cumberland River Compact could be the right opportunity for you.

Since 1997, their focus has been on cleaning and preserving the Cumberland River and the communities that it flows through. They offer opportunities ranging from large-scale cleanup projects along the river in Nashville to cleaning up streams in your own backyard.

They also offer education on practices like digging a rain garden and the most eco-friendly ways to paddle downstream or go camping on its banks.

If you’re concerned about the preservation of water that’s clean for drinking and swimming for all species, check out the Cumberland River Compact on Facebook.

Tennessee Environmental Council

If you’re interested in volunteering for an organization that’s been working to preserve Tennessee’s environment for over 40 years, look to the Tennessee Environmental Council.

Over the years, the council has focused its energy on advocating for protecting the Great Smoky Mountains, cleaning up Pigeon River, and reducing air pollution from coal burning power plants.

Volunteer opportunities to help communities and the state’s environment include:

  • Tennessee Tree Project aims to plant and maintain one million trees in Tennessee
  • Sustainable Tennessee works with citizens, businesses, elected officials, and environmental experts to establish a Sustainability Agenda.
  • Watershed Support Center focuses on initiatives like fish habitat restoration, steam cleanup, and stabilizing soil on riverbanks.

With over 20,000 volunteers participating last year, the council continues to make ground working towards these and other goals.

Check out the Tennessee Environmental Council on Facebook to learn more and volunteer.

Get Your Volunteer On

No matter what you’re passionate about, the best thing you can do this Earth Day is volunteer for a cause. You’ll be helping to improve your community for yourself and others. To help improve and preserve your community, check out one of these great organizations near Gallatin, TN, today.

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