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Used Car Buying Checklist

There are so many benefits to buying a used car. Not only do you get a reliable set of wheels to elevate your commutes in the Nashville, Gallatin, and Madison area, you can save some money, as well.

However, with so many great pre-owned vehicles on the market, this process may seem daunting at first. But the pros at Ron Hibbard Toyota have your back. Below, you’ll find our used car buying checklist, so you can fully prepare yourself for this rewarding adventure.

How to Buy a Pre-Owned Vehicle – A Checklist

Used Car Buying Checklist When you’re in the market for a used car, you can ensure this process is perfectly seamless by checking off the boxes below.

  1. Do Some Research – Before you head to the lot to begin your search for a used vehicle, scouring the internet is a great place to start. Since you probably have a long list of vehicles that have piqued your interests, you can learn more about them by visiting the manufacturer’s site, as well as other popular vehicle forums. Our dealership also makes it easy, as we have a library of reviews and comparisons just for this reason!
  1. Set a Budget – After creating a shortlist of some cars that suit your needs, it’s time to figure out how much you can spend. This will give you a head start when it’s time to discuss financing, as well as narrow down your list even further.
  1. Ask a Friend – Do you know someone who just loves cars? There’s a high chance that you do and they can give some much-needed insight during this process. Along with helping you understand the more technical side of things if needed, they can offer support when it’s time to head to the dealership.
  1. Used Car Buying Checklist Visit the Lot – Now comes the fun part! With your list in hand and your knowledgeable friend in tow, it’s time to travel down to the dealership to find the pre-owned car you’ll fall in love with. Sales associates that put your needs first will be available to help here, as well.
  1. Ask Questions – Purchasing a used vehicle is a big investment, so making sure the car you choose suits your needs and is road-ready is important. Ask questions like when was the car last serviced? Is there a vehicle history report available? Have any trends or issues been noticed? What is the current mileage? Are the tires new? Anything I should know about the technology? Whatever you inquire about, take note of the answers and use them to help in your decision-making.
  1. Test Drive – To ensure that your vehicle meshes well with your personal driving style, taking a test drive is crucial. This is also a good time to watch for anything out of the norm. Make sure you drive on city streets as well as the highway to get a good feel for the vehicle in different driving scenarios.
  1. Financing – One of the last things you’ll need to do, which might also be one of the most important, is speaking to the finance department. Together, you can work to find a plan that offers you a monthly payment that fits well with your lifestyle. You’ll also gain more information about possible perks, warranties, special offers, and more.

Find Your Dream Pre-Owned Vehicle in Nashville, Gallatin, & Madison

With the help of our used car buying checklist, you should be ready to embark on this exciting journey! When it’s time to get down to business, turn to Ron Hibbard Toyota. Our team is fully prepared to help make this process as streamlined and satisfactory as possible. We hope to see you soon!


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