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Community Spotlight: Subculture Urban Cuisine and Cafe

Community Spotlight: Subculture Urban Cuisine and CafeEveryone loves street food. Whether it’s a trio of tacos or a burger and fries, you can smell and taste the fresh, dynamic flavors that went into each dish. If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy that feeling inside a hip café, visit Subculture Urban Cuisine and Café

Flavors From All Over the World

Their menu lets you travel around the world from the Hickory Plaza Shopping Center. There are great combinations from all over, plus classic southern comfort foods.

Feel free to start things off with a beef or cheese empanada. You can also keep things light with a quinoa butternut or grilled chicken salad.

If you like Tex-Mex, you’ll be eager to get to the next course. There are great handheld items like butternut tacos with aioli, pickled onions, kale, and Cotija cheese.

They can also put a Nashville spin on everyone’ favorite southwest dish. Their hot chicken tacos are made with sesame slaw, aioli, and Nashville hot chicken. You can choose between five sauces: not hot, mild, medium, hot, and stupid hot.

Community Spotlight: Subculture Urban Cuisine and CafeFeel free to stop by when you’re in the mood for a burger too. The SC burger is made with a local grass-fed all beef patty, white cheddar, bacon, pickled onions, and aioli.

If you want that Nashville hot chicken on a bun instead, try the SC chicken sandwich. They pile it high with sesame slaw, aioli, and avocado. Plus, you can add toppings like a fried egg or bacon to customize it.

When you’re in the mood for some comfort food, try that chicken with some maple syrup. Their chicken and waffles make for a hearty meal and comes with their bread and butter pickles.

They can also fill you up with some soup. The pulled pork ramen puts a southern twist on a Japanese favorite and features lots of noodles, green onions, and a soft-boiled egg.

Award-Winning Cuisine

Whether you’re craving some spicy chicken or a burger that’s grilled to perfection, their kitchen has got you covered with award winning dishes. Subculture Urban Cuisine and Cafe has earned the following local awards for their cuisine:

  • 2017 Nashville Scene Hot Chicken Week
  • 2017 Nashville Scene Burger Week

Fresh Brewed Coffee & Craft Beer

Community Spotlight: Subculture Urban Cuisine and CafeAt Subculture Urban Cuisine and Café, they keep things local for washing down your meal. There’s a rotating tap list of local craft beers, plus cider and fanchop. It’s a refreshing mix of either a light wheat ale or a pilsner topped with Fanta.

While beer pairs perfectly with their menu, you can also relax with a cup of hot or iced tea. They have lots of varieties including mate, chai latte, and London fog.

They’ll even help you recharge after a big meal. There’s a great selection of coffee including cold brew, iced lattes, cappuccinos, and Americanos.

Order Today!

Subculture Urban Cuisine and Café makes it easy to enjoy their incredible menu. You can dine in, or if you’re in a rush, get some take out. If you’re already settled in at home, you can even order delivery.

To see some pictures of their mouthwatering food and get updates on their daily specials, follow them on Facebook.