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Local Spotlight: Govan’s Coffee House

Local Spotlight: Govan's Coffee HouseWhy head to a chain for your daily buzz when you can support a local coffee shop—especially one as inviting as Govan’s Coffee House? Not only does it offer delicious, personalized coffee and tea drinks, but it also serves as an art gallery and even a salon.

Plus, this coffee house recently celebrated its 18th birthday, making it old enough to vote. See why Gallatin has loved this unique coffee house for years!

The Drinks

 Local Spotlight: Govan's Coffee House Local Spotlight: Govan's Coffee HouseCoffee drinks at Govan’s start with freshly ground beans. These can be brewed into your choice of hot or cold coffee drinks, thanks to an extensive menu. Don’t see what you want on the menu? Mention it to your barista, and they’ll make it happen.

There’s also a selection of tea drinks if you’re looking for something more relaxed. Choose from a spiced chai, Japanese matcha, iced tea, and more. Then, round it out with a fresh pastry or even some ice cream.

The Art

One reason the Govan family opened this coffee house was to display art from the late professor Francis Hawks Govan. His art, which can be categorized as abstract expressionism, belonged somewhere people could appreciate it—not in storage.

When you walk into Govan’s Coffee House, you can see this nature-inspired art on the walls, adding to the overall ambiance of the location.

The Salon

Local Spotlight: Govan's Coffee HouseThe Govan’s are also successful cosmetologists, so it’s fitting that they would set aside a section of their building to open a salon. Head in for a skillful haircut or relaxing manicure, and feel free to enjoy a cup of coffee while you wait.

While the coffee shop and salon are connected, there’s no worry about chemical smells wafting into your latte: A wall separates the two.

See What the Buzz is About!

Govan’s Coffee House is great for so many reasons. Whether you’re trying to get your morning buzz on or holding a business meeting, its relaxing atmosphere invites you to stay for a while. If you’re looking for a new hairstyle or want to get your nails done, its in-house salon can take care of you.

The best part: Even with such a wide range of offerings, everything is done well. Even the reviews on Facebook can attest to that. So can you—stop in today for an iced coffee or cappuccino!