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Local Spotlight: Campione’s Taste of Chicago

Local Spotlight: Campione’s Taste of ChicagoSome cities have such a strong food scene that their signature cuisine spreads far and wide. Chicago has always been a culinary hub with sandwiches that both locals and visitors crave. To get a taste of the Windy City near the Music City, head over to Gallatin or Goodlettsville and visit Campione’s Taste of Chicago.

Authentic Family Recipes

Authentic Family Recipes - Campione’s Taste of ChicagoOld family recipes always seem to make meals taste better. While the menu features signature Chicago sandwiches, all the sauce is made using the same ingredients and techniques that Mama Campione used to make.

Before the posters of Michael Jordan, Wrigley Field, and Old Comiskey Park were hung up, this slice of the Second City was just a dream that Debbie and Rob Coxworth shared. They wanted to bring some staples of midwestern kitchens to the south. In 2008, they opened the original location and named it after Debbie’s grandmother.

An Authentic Taste of Chicago

From the moment you walk in, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the family’s old Chicago neighborhood. Right away you’ll notice the Chicago memorabilia on the walls. Make sure you bring your appetite too because the smell of their food will make you feel as hungry as one of Da Bears.

Authentic Taste of Chicago - Campione’s Taste of ChicagoIf it’s your first time there, try something traditional like the Italian Beef Sammich. It features slow-cooked roast beef with bell peppers and giardiniera on an Italian roll. Make sure you try Mama Debbie’s Italian Beef Sammich with mozzarella too.

For another classic sandwich, you have to get your hands on a couple of Chicago hot dogs. There’s also the Wrigley chili dog with homemade chili. You can also grab a sausage or bratwurst Sammich with all the same fixings as a Chicago dog. Plus, everything is made with either Vienna beef or Vienna Polish sausage.

To get the best of all the city’s famous flavors at once, try the Combo Sammich. It piles both Italian beef and Italian sausage on a roll then loads it up with mozzarella. You decide which kinds of flavors you want to be added with a choice between sweet peppers and hot giardiniera.

You can even bring all this great food to your next big event. In addition to dining in and take out, you can get a spread for your next corporate lunch or private party.

Eat Your Way From the Northside to the Southside

Chicago is known as the City of Big Shoulders. With so many big, savory sandwiches, its food requires a big appetite too. At Campione’s Taste of Chicago, they offer all the classic flavors and family recipes in a shop that feels like it’s right by the L. Follow them on Facebook for a look at their food, updates on their specials, and news on their new location.


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