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New vs Used Cars

New vs Used Cars

The new vs. used car debate is one that seems on-going for car-shoppers around Nashville, Gallatin, and Madison. In truth, there’s advantages to both a pre-owned model and a new model. Selecting between the pair requires you to understand these advantages while also understanding your unique needs and lifestyle. Ron Hibbard Toyota wants to help, which is why we’ve created this comparison.

By running through the benefits of used cars and new cars side by side, it’ll be easier for you to determine which choice is right for you. If you have further questions, our staff will be happy to provide insight!

Benefits of a New Car

New CarsMany often enjoy the thrill of buying a new car, and this “newness” certainly is one of the advantages. New models have the latest technology, the most updated styling, the most advanced safety features, and much more. If you don’t want to buy the model outright, leasing is also a savvy way to grab your favorite new model.

Trim levels for all your favorite cars will help you customize the new model, too. Certain trims introduce styling upgrades or technology packages that allow you to select features you find worthwhile.

Another benefit is the durability. As you roll off the lot with nothing on the odometer, you can look forward to more than 100,000 miles of comfortable and confident cruising.

Benefits of a Used Car

Used Car

Right off the bat, used cars represent a great value. With inspections to ensure quality and lasting performance, you can get a great rate on your favorite pre-owned vehicle while trusting it will perform for many years.

Used cars also present a lot of versatility. For instance, there’s a whole host of different model years you can select from. Certain models might have emphasized performance one year before veering toward comfort the next. With constant changes in styling, capability, and technology, you can sort through pre-owned models until you find one that checks off every box.

Understanding a vehicles history is a benefit as well. If you’re getting a used car that has a clean bill of health on the vehicle history report despite having 50,000 miles on the odometer, it’s a sign that the model is well-built and reliable.

So, New or Used?

New vs UsedTo make the final call on either a new model or a used vehicle, you have to review your own unique situation. If you are adamant about getting the latest in technology, styling, and performance, a new car might make the most sense.

If you want a trusty model with a proven track record and some vintage appeal, go for the used car. No matter your decision, we provide an extensive online inventory featuring both new and used options!

Your Call: New Car vs Used Car

Both new and used cars can be a great companion for your travels around the Nashville, Gallatin, and Madison area–so check out the many in-stock models housed at Ron Hibbard Toyota!

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