4Runner Dashboard Light Guide

The Toyota 4Runner is a dependable SUV that you can trust to get you and your family around safely. If you’re traveling or running errands near Nashville, Gallatin, and Madison, you can feel confident that this SUV will provide you with comfortable and reliable driving experience you deserve.

To help you stay up on all your alerts from maintenance reminders to service indicators, we’ve put together this 2018 Toyota 4Runner dashboard light guide.

Oil Change

Starting on the left-hand side of your instrument cluster, you’ll see a logo that looks like a flat tea kettle with a single droplet coming out of its spout. This is actually a silhouette of an old-fashioned oil can and lets you know that your car needs an oil change. This is of the most common services needed for routine maintenance.

ABS Warning Light

Right next to the oil change light, there’s a light that says the letters ABS. This indicates that there’s a malfunction with your anti-lock brake system. You’ll still be able to use the brakes, but they won’t have the security and stopping power they would with the anti-lock brakes functioning properly. You may technically still have brakes, but it’s still advised that you get the anti-lock brake system inspected by a technician immediately.

SRS Warning Light

Moving closer to the middle, there’s a light that looks like the side view of stick figure sitting down and large circle floating in front of him. This is your warning that there’s a malfunction with your SRS airbags. Much like the ABS alert, you should get service at a Toyota dealership immediately.

Tire Pressure Warning Light

On the right side of the tachometer, you’ll see an unusual light that looks like an exclamation mark inside some parenthesis. This is your tire pressure warning system. You’ll see this when you have a flat tire, or one or more tires have low pressure.

It’s recommended that you check the tire pressure on every tire, including the spare, and adjust the pressure as necessary. If this fixes the problem, the light should turn off in a few minutes. If the light starts blinking, that means there is a malfunction in the tire pressure system and you should have the system checked by a Toyota technician.

Brake System Warning Light

Just under the tire pressure warning light, you’ll see a clear but important warning light that just says the word BRAKE. This can indicate a number of problems with your brake system including leaving the emergency brake on, low brake fluid or a system malfunction.

When this light is on, immediately bring your Toyota 4Runner to a safe stop. Check to see if the park brake was on. If it was, disengage it and the light should go away. If it was not, or you disengage it and it does not go away. You should immediately seek service. Continuing to drive with malfunctioning brakes can be very dangerous.

Slip Indicator

Moving to the right-hand side of your instrument cluster, you’ll see a light on the speedometer that looks like a car with some squiggly lines under it. This light has to do with traction. It’s your slip indicator and it could mean there’s been a malfunction with Vehicle Stability Control, the active traction control system, Trailer Sway Control, or a number of other traction and stability systems.

Slowly and safely drive the vehicle to a Toyota service center to get your systems inspected if you see this light.

Four-Wheel Drive Indicator Light

Along the bottom of your speedometer, you’ll see a light in the center that looks like the suspension of the car with the wheels facing diagonally. This is your four-wheel drive light and it means there’s been a malfunction with your SUV’s ability to engage four-wheel drive.

While not as immediately dangerous as some other warning lights, it’s something that you should have inspected as soon as possible by a Toyota technician.

Power Steering Warning Light

Lastly, we move all the way to the right on your instrument cluster, past your speedometer. There you’ll find a light that shows a steering wheel and an exclamation mark. This means there may be a malfunction with your power steering. Again, you should get your 4Runner inspected immediately if you see this light.

Toyota 4Runner Service

If you have any questions about this 2018 Toyota 4Runner dashboard light guide, or additional service questions, stop by Ron Hibbard Toyota.

We are proud to provide great Toyota service for drivers near Nashville, Gallatin, and Madison. If you see any dashboard lights in your 4Runner that indicate an issue, schedule a service appointment with our service center today!

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