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Reasons Your Car Engine is Blowing Colorful Smoke

A smoking engine is a definite sign of trouble. But did you know smoke comes in distinct colors in order to explain exactly what is going on inside a car’s engine? Here’s what you should know about white, black, and blue smoke. White Smoke: If your tailpipe is spitting out a lot of white smoke, this […]

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Vibrations in Your Car and What Causes Them

If you keep your car engine turned on for a very long time, you might feel some vibrations. As the days go by and your car becomes older, you will notice bigger problems because of the wear and tear. If you have ever noticed that your car has engine vibrations when idle, then you may […]

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Bought the new Toyota Sienna? Tips to Prevent Motion Sickness

If it’s been more than a year driving your old car, chances are, you may not be bothered as much with the mess your children make in the car. The 2015 Toyota Sienna is an all rounder minivan with ample space, comfort and a great ride. If you’re planning to purchase a new car, you can check […]

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