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Toyota Highlander Dashboard Light Guide

When you’re driving your new Highlander through the Nashville, Gallatin and Madison areas, the last thing you want to see is one of those pesky dashboard lights turn on. What could possibly be going wrong in your new Highlander? This SUV is built to last, and you don’t deserve some maintenance issue ruining your plans.

Fortunately, not all of the dashboard lights on the Highlander indicate that something is wrong. Some are simply to show you that one of the many features in the Highlander has been activated. Most of the stress from dashboard lights come from not knowing, but you can eliminate that issue here and now. Learn what all your lights mean by consulting our handy Toyota Highlander dashboard light guide.

Warning Lights vs Indicator Lights

The first thing you need to know is that not all dashboard lights mean you have to drop everything and head to the nearest service center. Some are for minor issues while others are just alerts for extra features that have been turned on. Warning lights tend to be warmer colors like red and yellow while indicator lights are typically cooler colors like green and blue. While that’s a good rule of thumb, make sure you know what specific lights mean to stay in the know.

Warning Lights

ABS Warning Light: This light looks like the letters ABS and indicates a problem with your antilock braking system. Your normal brakes could still work, but your stopping power isn’t as reliable.

Charging System Warning Light: If you see a light that looks like a battery, it means your Highlander’s battery isn’t charging properly. This is one you’ll want to get checked out immediately.

Electric Power Steering Warning Light: This light looks like a steering wheel followed by an exclamation point and means your power steering isn’t working right. Steering will still be possible, but it can be extremely difficult.

Malfunction Warning Light: Appearing as an engine block above the word CHECK, this is the dreaded check engine light. If you see this, there’s a problem with your engine control system and it needs to be checked out immediately.

Indicator Lights

All-Wheel Drive Lock Indicator: This light looks like a drivetrain with an X in the middle and means your all-wheel drive is locked.

Cruise Control Indicator: Appearing as a speedometer with an arrow pointing at the needle, this light indicates your cruise control is on.

ECO Driving Indicator: This light appears as the word ECO and means Eco Mode is on.

Brake System Warning Light: Appearing as the word BRAKE, this light means that your brake system as a whole is malfunctioning or that your brake fluid is low. It could also mean your parking brake is on, so always check that first.

PWR Mode Indicator: If you see a light that says PWR MODE, it means your power mode is engaged.

Service Center at Ron Hibbard Toyota

After our Toyota Highlander dashboard light guide, you know exactly what lights require you to make a trip to the service center. For the best service in the Nashville, Madison and Gallatin areas, head to the service center at Ron Hibbard Toyota. Our technicians will get your Highlander back on the road in no time. Visit us or call (615) 230-9000 to schedule your service appointment today!