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2016 Toyota Prius C

When shopping for a hybrid vehicle, it’s obvious money will be saved in the long run on gasoline, but as a vehicle itself, hybrids typically have price tags that are just as expensive as other cars in their class. This is why consumers are so excited about Toyota’s 2016 Prius C.

The Prius C is the smallest and most affordable hybrid model in the Prius family. Consumers love the low pricing of the C, but also its stellar fuel economy known to the Prius, its surprisingly roomy interior, and easy-to-maneuver quality. For anyone seeking the best in fuel efficiency, there’s no better choice than the 2016 Prius C.

Get it all with the Prius C Four

When consumers are met with the decision of which Prius C model to pick, all they must do it count from one to four – as in trim One, Two, Three and Four. All models are equipped with the necessary and sought-after content consumers expect and want in a small hybrid.

The Prius Four is a consumer favorite – and there’s no wonder why, because it features the most content and upscale items. It comes with keyless ignition and entry, sunroof, and fog lights, plus front seats and mirrors that are heated. Consumers also love the Four because of its nice technology list that includes everything from a navigation system and smartphone app integration to satellite radio, voice controls, and rearview camera.

Safe and Compact Prius C

Some consumers like to believe that the bigger the vehicle the better the safety. But, consumers that opt for the 2016 Prius C know this ideology isn’t always justified. The Prius C may be compact, but that doesn’t mean it’s not safe! In fact, it offers all of the essentials in safety equipment, and even boasts some extra features.

All Prius C models are equipped with stability and traction control, antilock brakes, hill-start assist, front-seat airbags, and front-seat cushion airbags, as well as side curtain airbags. Consumers are also pleased with the C’s inclusion of a driver knee airbag that proves very important in head-on collisions.

Consumers who choose the Prius C’s Three or Four models show satisfaction with the Toyota Safety Sense C package that is available. This package equips the C with many notable safety features, such as: lane departure alert, automatic high beams, an frontal pre-collision system that gives audible and visual alerts if it senses it is too close to another vehicle or object. Consumers are also happy with the extra brake force this system provides in order to help the driver slowdown in order to lessen the impact of a crash if the driver doesn’t response quickly enough. It can also automatically apply the emergency brake if necessary.

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