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2016 Toyota Sienna

When SUVS just don’t offer enough space, there’s no other choice than to opt for a minivan. While minivans aren’t usually the top pick for consumers, Toyota has made minivans a truly sought-after vehicle with the Sienna. The newest 2016 Toyota Sienna offers roomy comfort, eight-passenger seating, practicality, and all of the latest-and-greatest tech features. For a minivan, the 2016 Sienna is an excellent choice for families in Nashville.

The Sienna Feels Less Like a Minivan With The SE Trim

Although the Sienna comes in five different trim levels – L, LE, SE, XLE and Limited, the SE is a top choice. Just because you drive a minivan, it doesn’t mean you have to feel like you do. With this thought in mind, consumers find the 2016 Sienna SE to be the ultimate trim choice.

What makes consumers love it? The answer: it’s sports appeal. A sporty minivan may sound silly, but Toyota makes it possible. The SE is full of equipment, such as:

A Luxury Interior Pampers Occupants Of The Sienna

The 2016 Toyota Sienna is more than just a minivan; it is also a place to be pampered. This is one reason why consumers find it to be such a great choice for their families. All Sienna’s show off an interior with high-quality materials, modern and attractive dash, and plush seating. Consumers who opt for the seven-passenger Sienna get specialized second-row captain’s chairs with available extendable footrest for increased comfort. These seats also provide an impressive amount of sliding capability – both forward and back – which greatly increases stretch-out comfort or cargo space.

Top Technology To Entertain The Crew

Consumers who need a minivan obviously require a lot of passenger space. But, how are seven-to-eight passengers kept entertained on long trips? Technology, no doubt! Consumers love the Sienna for its ability to entertain a large crew with top technology. All Sienna’s come with a touchscreen interface with easy-to-decipher menu with responsive, virtual buttons. Touchscreen systems include a built-in navigation system and a suite of smartphone-connected services, such as Scout GPS Link.

The most exciting feature to most consumers is the available rear-seat entertainment system. This system squashes any potential sibling squabbles because it features a split-screen monitor that allows two different media (a movie and a video game, for example) to play simultaneously.

Test the 2016 Toyota Sienna in Gallatin

For the minivan that beats all minivans, make your choice the 2016 Toyota Sienna. To learn more and talk financing about this minivan, visit our Toyota dealership, located in Gallatin, Tennessee, nearby to Madison and Nashville. While you are there you can also take the Sienna for a test drive.

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